About Us

Believe The Hype

We’re “a bunch of techies” running an agile and innovative software company. Collectively, we’re creative problem solvers. We thrive on developing visual communication solutions for our customers, using our own software and product extensions as problem-solvers. In fact, our origin story is rooted in recognizing a need and taking action. 


Years ago, when our founder imagined the value of a digital signage platform that was both fast and simple, Hypersign Digital Signage software was born. Its quick success propelled Hypersign to evolve from a single digital signage solution into what it is today — a software company with an entire ecosystem of integrated products and extensions: Hypersign+.


01 Our Mission

Hypersign is devoted to your vision and how we can help you reach it - even if that means we have to build something entirely new.


02 Our Values

Innovation and excellence. Compassion and transparency. We apply equally high standards to our people as we do to our products. We want to align ourselves with those who value all the things we value: transparency, trust, real results, and genuine partnership.


03 Our Culture

Naturally, our culture is a reflection of our core. We’re incredibly hardworking, but also laidback and a lot of fun. We geek out on the business at hand, but we reach solutions more quickly because of our family-like, collaborative spirit. Spend a little time with us and you’ll realize what a difference it makes to have partners who

are just as focused on solutions as they are connections.



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