About Us


01 Our Mission

Hypersign is devoted to your vision and how we can help you reach it - even if that means we have to build something entirely new.


02 Our Values

Innovation and compassion. Excellence and transparency. We apply equally high standards to

our people as we do to our products. We want to align ourselves with those who value all the things we value: transparency, trust, real results, and genuine partnership.


03 Our Culture

Naturally, our culture is a reflection of our core. We’re incredibly hardworking, but also laid back and a lot

of fun. We geek out on the business at hand, but we

reach solutions more quickly because of our family-like, collaborative spirit. Spend a little time with us and you’ll realize what a difference it makes to have partners who

are just as focused on solutions as they are connections.


Our History


Hypersign.com's origins are rooted in integration. Our founder, Neil Willis, was also the founder of Cynergy Systems, a large AV integrator service in the southeast United States.

A large portion of Cynergy Systems' core customers were K12 Education facilities.

Little did he know, Hypersign.com would emerge as a solution for the everyday worker. 

At the time, several similar organizations were using incredibly expensive and complicated digital signage software. A cafeteria worker, who would be updating the school's digital menu boards, expressed their reservations about using the software.

"I don't need a class in computer science to be able to put content on the screen."

Our founder realized that digital signage should be accessible part of any organization,

so he went back to his development team and started working on what is now Hypersign+, our flagship software.


On a whim, our founder and other key member of the Cynergy Systems team flew to Las Vegas and presented the newly developed Hypersign+ at the Digital Signage Expo. That year, we won Best of Digital Signage overall.

Our first focus group for Hypersign+ was at a school district in Charleston, South Carolina. Our favorite highlight of this experience was a 65 year old participant who had no experience with personal computers whatsoever. Within 15 minutes, she created, designed, and published herfirst Hypersign+ digital signage template.


After years of hard work, development, and dedication, Hypersign spun off from Cynergy Systems and became its own LLC. In order to build the best team, Neil brought Cynergy Systems’ Chief Operating Officer and Sales Engineer to start building Hypersign.


Adding to the growth of the Hypersign+ platform, our Waystation extension, designed for virtual wayfinding, allows audiences

to comprehensively navigate the spaces they’re in.


Hypersign became partners with Planar, the world’s largest commercial display provider. As intuitive meeting spaces

continue to rise in popularity, Hypersign’s HuddleUP extension is
designed for audiences to have the best collaborative experience.


In light of the global pandemic, Hypersign launched the Arena,

one of only four large-scale live events platforms in the world. With Hypersign’s evolution of expanding digital to other virtual solutions, we decided that our name needed to encompass what we really do. That’s why Hypersign is now Hypersign.com. Not only are we a digital signage software provider, but we offer an entire operating system of visual communication platform solutions.