Hypersign+ includes our Alert system that turns any of your displays into a responsive network of visual messages that provide information or direction in the event of an emergency within seconds of activation.



Three Types of Alert Triggers

An alert can be triggered three different ways:

  1. Stream Trigger - The system will activate when an emergency is active in any of the CAP streams you have added to your account.

  2. Hard Trigger - The system will activate when an existing system is activated, like a fire alarm or panic button. Requires additional hardware.

  3. Soft Trigger - The system will activate when a button is pressed on a Hypersign+ Alert enabled tablet device. Requires a compatible tablet device.

Customizable Alert Content

Each display can be customized to provide specific information relevant to the type of alert or the location of the display itself. For example, point to the nearest exit in the event of a fire or show an evacuation map.

Online Portal Management

Manage all of your alert types, triggers and content from your online portal the same way you manage all of your other Hypersign+ content and extensions. 

Safety Regulation Compliant

Our emergency alert messaging is responsive within three seconds of being triggered which is compliant with all federal safety messaging standards.