The new normal for live presentations and events is hosting for a completely remote audience or a hybrid audience that includes both physical and remote attendees. Industry professionals need access to studios that enable them to broadcast professional and high quality presentations or events to those audiences with ease, and the Arena does just that!


Broadcast Quality Equipment

The Arena gives a presenter full use of broadcast quality cameras, and professional audio such as high end speakers and lapel mics. Meanwhile, the presentation can display the broadcast up to full HD resolution for the remote attendees.

Presenter to Audience Engagement

Unlike web-based video conferencing solutions, in The Arena, the presenter is able to see over one hundred remote attendees at once. The attendees appear on large displays in front of the presenter to mimic a life-size audience. In addition, all audience members are on forced mute unless they are in a Q&A mode with the presenter. This prevents the embarrassing and distracting background noises seen so often in other solutions.

Simple Attendee Interface

The attendees are completely focused on the presenter, undistracted by the rest of the audience. Using the simple attendee interface they can click to raise their hand, or easily toggle on and off their camera/audio.

Attendee Validation

Maintaining the highest standards of professionalism means zero interruptions and distractions from uninvited guests. Attendee validation ensures only invited attendees can enter The Arena.

Live Closed Captioning

Optionally, live closed captioning of all audio is available at no additional effort to the presenter. Closed captioning ensures that the presentation experience is accessible.

Digital Whiteboard & Touch Interactions

The Arena displays are touch enabled to allow the presenter to interact with their presentation and audience with a touch. Not to mention, a digital white board behind the presenter is an enhancing tool that allows them to further engage the audience.


Waiting Room Integrations

The Arena integrates seamlessly with Hypersign+, allowing for a custom content layout that the attendees will see while waiting for the presentation to begin. Not to mention our partnership with Cloud Cover Music allows for a simple way to customize background music as well.

Emergency Alerts

Like our Hypersign+ product, the Arena also comes with a built in Emergency Alert feature. Once triggered, the Arena and all attendees PCs will display the emergency message which interrupts the broadcast. Triggers could include a building's fire alarm system, a button that is touched on a tablet or a CAP alert stream. 


For Education, Healthcare, and Enterprise


For Sports


The Arena offers an outstanding solution for broadcasting events called The Arena Fanwall that is ideal for sports and entertainment. Used for broadcasting to a virtual fanbase, the Fanwall brings those fans back into the stadiums, arenas, courts, and tracks for the athletes and coaches to see too.


  • Broadcast quality audio/visual equipment

  • Mix broadcast audio with ambient venue audio

  • Virtual fan entry validation

  • Crowd noise generation

  • Live closed captioning for all audio

  • Integrated sponsorship module for advertising
    pre-rolls and mid-rolls during time-outs, etc.

  • Fans direct their game broadcast

  • Virtual custom fan experiences

  • Player recruitment

  • Virtual pre-game/halftime shows

  • Press conferences

  • Coaching sessions/meetings

  • Athlete and fan engagement


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