Your CARES Act and ESSER funds are designed to assist in overcoming obstacles your students face in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hypersign is compliant with these funds. Explore below to see how Hypersign can support your school's communication, safely.

Fund the Technology Your School Needs 

Funding for Schools

Due to the funding provided by the U.S. government, K-12 and Higher Education systems have over $100 billion to assist with bringing students, teachers, and staff safely back into the classroom. Federal funding helps cover the costs of visual communication technology

Contact-Free Updates

Contact-Free Updates

In respect of social-distancing, digital signage removes the need to physically hand out

of communication materials.


Safety Engage Students & Faculty

Safely Engage Students and Faculty

In a time where health and safety information is constantly updating, your communication platforms need the ability to be updated in seconds.


Big Problem with

a Small Solution 

Big Problem with

a Small Solution 

Visual Communication problems are solved with one small solution: Software. Your school will be able to inform thousands of people on your campus with digital signage.

Virtual Conference
We'll Take the Steps for You

At Hypersign, we know that federal funding and the "how to's" are complicated tasks.  That's why we are here for you...whether it's to help you research your districts specific budget or to help define the best needs for your school, we aim to be your expert helping hands from step one.


Free Consultation

At no cost to you, our team will assist with evaluating your school and your goals to help define what technology is best for you in moving forward.

On the Computer

Apply & Move Forward

Our Analysis for You

After our evaluation, we provide a detailed examination of what technology we determined may be best for your schools goals and operations, including coverage from federal funding

After reviewing your free evaluation and analysis, and confirming your plan of action, we will help you with the process of applying for the federal funding.  Together, we will prepare your school for a promising future!