Understanding how to best fund for a prepared and secure future can be a daunting task, but our team of experts are here for you.

Fund the Technology Your School Needs 

Funding for Schools

Due to the funding provided by the U.S. government, K-12 school districts have over $100 billion to assist with bringing students, teachers, and staff back into the classroom.

Federal funding helps cover the costs of important needs such as digital signage technology and event broadcasting which promises a safe, secure, and functional future.

We'll Take the Steps for You

At Hypersign, we know that federal funding and the "how to's" are complicated tasks.  That's why we are here for you...whether it's to help you research your districts specific budget or to help define the best needs for your school, we aim to be your expert helping hands from step one.

Virtual Conference

Free Consultation

At no cost to you, our team will assist with evaluating your school and your goals to help define what technology is best for you in moving forward.

Our Analysis for You

Apply & Move Forward

After our evaluation, we provide a detailed examination of what technology we determined may be best for your schools goals and operations, including coverage from federal funding

After reviewing your free evaluation and analysis, and confirming your plan of action, we will help you with the process of applying for the federal funding.  Together, we will prepare your school for a promising future!


Frequently Asked Questions

Our teachers need to be able to focus on the students. Will the platform be easy for teachers and students to learn?

Absolutely. In fact, Hypersign's expert team provides unlimited training and free customer service with the ability to remote into any player and be the hands-on fix that is needed so that your teachers and staff can continue what's most important to them: educating your students.

We need a promising virtual technology for our school. How do we know what's best?

Determining necessary technology with a generous or limited budget can be a difficult answer to determine for your future. At Hypersign, our team of experts will assess your school's needs and provide our analysis at no cost to you. From digital signage with free emergency alerts included to event broadcasting platforms, we can help you in determining what's best.

Is my school eligible for federal funding?

After your free analysis, we will help you determine what funding your school is eligible to receive from the federal government. Furthermore, we will help you through that budget in concluding what solutions fit your needs.

How can I ensure that the federal funding will cover the costs of your virtual platform solution?

Through the application process, we will walk through everything together to ensure your needs are covered; therefore, we can adjust if necessary so that we can aim for no surprise costs for your school.

Will utilizing your solutions require extensive costs in hardware replacements?

Because Hypersign thrives on not requiring any hardware proprietary costs, we can help refine and make the most of your budget by determining if your current hardware will run successfully utilizing our Hypersign technology. As a result, it's highly possible to upgrade your school with even lesser funds!

Why are Hypersign's solutions an important part of the budget from federal funding?

With free customer service, no propierty hardware required, a 99.7% renewal rate, and successful experiences in schools, Hypersign is familiar with the needs of education and how our solutions fit your needs. Together, we can bring success and security for your future.