Soft Trigger Alert

Creates the soft triggers used to activate alerts. Use this app as the regular content for a tablet or other touch device to set up your triggers.

Emergency Alert

Working with CAP, it triggers alert content automatically based on your alert stream. Lists any relevant info from that stream along with custom alert content if you choose.


Drag into a dropzone in your content and input your zip code. Automatically shows the local weather in that dropzone for you.


Drag into a dropzone and choose from analog vs digital, with some color options. Automatically shows the local time in that dropzone.

Simple Text

Drag into a dropzone and customize the text to say and look how you want. Useful for customizing a quick welcome message or notification.

Text Ticker

Similar to the live text, except it scrolls the text across. Drag into a dropzone and customize the text to say and look how you want. 

Live TV

Drag into a dropzone to stream live TV or anything streaming from an encoder. The encoder is a required additional piece of hardware needed to connect to your cable tv, satellite box or other streaming device.


Drag into a dropzone and paste the link to the YouTube video you want to play into the dialogue box. Also can be used in Stacks to add YouTube videos to integrated playlists.

Web Content

Drag into a dropzone and paste the website link into the dialogue box to display a website or any hosted HTML5 content. Create your own dynamic, custom content to display.


Drag into a dropzone and enter the twitter handle you want to display tweets from. Automatically loops through recent tweets.

RSS News Feed

Drag into a dropzone and either choose a pre populated feed from the dropdown or paste in your own link. Automatically loops through the posts in the feed.

Traffic Updates

Drag into a dropzone, enter your location and choose your zoom distance. Automatically shows a map with the current traffic conditions in your area.


Dropbox Playlist

Drag into a dropzone and choose a dropbox folder to create a playlist from all supported image/video files.

Requires a Dropbox account.


Drag into the regular content for your room sign display and connect to your Google calendar to showcase events. Available upon request.



Collaboration extension that displays your Huddleup tool within Hypersign+.

Requires Huddleup extension.


Cloud Cover Music

Drag into the background after signing up for a Cloud Cover account to access your music.

Requires a Cloud Cover account.

4K Media

Drag into your dropzone and play 4K media from a local source on your device. Available upon request.

BrightSign HDMI Input

Drag into your dropzone and the content from your BrightSign player that's connected via HDMI will display in that dropzone. Available upon request.

BI Matrix

Drag into a dropzone, enter data into the table, and choose a graph style to display your data graphically. Available upon request.

Miappi Appregator

Drag into your dropzone and enter your Miappi account to display a social media wall pulling from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. Requires a Miappi account.


Drag into your dropzone and display KidGopher queues on your display. Requires a KidGopher license.

Custom Apps

Don't see the functionality you need for your digital signage display?

Contact us and maybe we can help build a solution for you!


Smart Playlist

Drag into the dropzone and choose the asset tags you want it to include in the playlist. Tags must be set up in the asset manager first.



Drag into a dropzone and choose your chart options. This app uses Zapier to connect your datasource and visualize your data.
Requires a Zapier account.



Wayfinding extension that displays your Waystation Touch kiosk within Hypersign+.

Requires Waystation extension.



Room scheduling extension that displays your Roomfusion room sign within Hypersign+.

Requires Roomfusion extension.