One of the advantages of using Hypersign+ is the ability to add on advanced feature sets called extensions to your digital signage platform. Browse our current list of extensions to learn more about the advanced feature sets currently available.


Wayfinding Extension

  • Touch interactive kiosks and directories

  • Turn-by-turn indoor mobile navigation

  • Managed in an online portal

  • ADA friendly

  • Customizable branding

Room Sign Extension

  • Display meeting name and room availability

  • Schedule rooms online or at the door

  • Manage room details online

  • Room locking and unlocking

  • Customizable branding


Business Intelligence Extension

  • Data visualization using various chart types

  • Variety of data sources: csv, api, etc.

  • Source widgets for Salesforce, Facebook, etc.

  • Create multiple data dashboards

  • Export data to PDF or csv


Collaboration Extension

  • Video conferencing using your favorite software

  • Screen mirroring with multiple devices

  • Interactive digital whiteboarding

  • LiveTV streaming through IPTV decoding

  • Managed just like you manage your digital signage