How many licenses are required?

In order to have unique content on each display, one license and one player is required per display. If the same content is to be displayed on multiple displays, only one license and one player is required. However, additional hardware would be required to connect the displays. For videowalls, only one player and one license is required to configure images across the entire display.

How many users can I have?

Hypersign+ users can have an unlimited number of users within the account. Licenses are based per player and not per user.

Can different users have access to different things?

Yes. Each user can have different access and abilities for various user levels within the software, depending on administrative needs. You can easily change your user's permissions in the Account User Manager.

What equipment is needed?

There are only three components needed: a digital display with HDMI input, a media player, and a Hypersign+ license.

Who are your partners?

Hypersign has partnerships established with Leyard Planar, Samsung, Google, AOPEN, Brightsign, Legrande, and Peerless. These partnerships allow Hypersign to provide an all inclusive digital signage solution for our customers!

How much does Hypersign+ cost?

Hypersign offers a tiered pricing model with each tier offering different features included with the license. Each player requires one license, for pricing specifics contact us. Hardware pricing will vary depending on your display. For more information, visit our plans page.

When do my licenses renew? Where can I check?

You licenses must be renewed annually, and you can check the renewal date in the Account Manager.

What payment methods do you accept?

Check, cash, ACH, Credit Card, and eCheck.

How does your solution differ from other solutions?

Our digital signage solution is easy to use, offers PowerPoint Conversions, and Eclispe to save energy without losing emergency alert effectiveness. We have a range of extensions available that go beyond just digital signage to create a full visual communication solution. Download our differentiator document here.

What is Waystation Touch vs Waystation Go?

Waystation Touch is solution for interactive navigation that is only available on a touch kiosk, while Waystation Go is a mobile subscription for turn-by-turn navigations. Both are managed from the same Waystation portal and updated simultaneously.

Do I have to purchase both Waystation Touch and Waystation Go?

You can purchase just Waystation Touch, but if you purchase Waystation Go you should purchase at least one Waystation Touch kiosk.

What control systems interface with RoomFusion?


What calendar systems interface with RoomFusion?

AdAstra, CollegeNet's 25Live. (Additional charges may apply)