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Communicating effectively with patients, visitors, and staff is one of the biggest challenges in Healthcare today. HCA Healthcare facilities can do more for their audiences with engaging digital signage platforms.

Over 50 HCA Locations Use Hypersign Solutions

Hypersign.com is HCA Healthcare and HealthTrustPG's only digital signage software vendor. Hypersign.com offers your HCA Facility or HealthTrustPG location special savings when using our visual communication solutions.



Hypersign Contract Number: HPG-21824

Hypersign Vendor Number: 936552


Digital Signage software increases healthcare messaging salience while keeping audiences entertained.

  • Schedule relevant HCA Healthcare messaging down to the minute with scheduling system

  • Match your location's branding with customizable dropzone apps

  • Tailor messaging to reflect where your patients and visitors are

  • Celebrate your hardworking frontline heroes in cafeterias and breakrooms

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Guiding patients and visitors throughout your facility as an important tool for healthcare locations of all sizes.

  • Walk your visitors from Point A to Point B with directions that match your branding

  • Communicate directions easily with patients in the language of their choice

  • Empower visitors with wayfinding information for key areas of your HCA facility


The safety of your patients, staff,

and visitors is your top priority.

  • Utilize CAP Alert feeds to trigger relevant warning

  • Notify your audiences of severe weather, unknown assailants, and more

  • Implement ADA-compliant messaging and technology

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See why over 50 HCA Healthcare and HealthTrust Locations trust Hypersign.com as their visual communication platform solution.

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Learn how to create engaging healthcare content for patients and staff by:

  • Identifying key points of interest

  • Tailoring messaging for your key locations

  • Improving hospital initiative responses