Office dynamics have changed now that audio video conferencing is readily available allowing for remote collaboration. With the Huddleup extension and appropriate equipment any display can be used for both digital signage and video conferencing, simply by switching over to conferencing when a meeting is taking place.



Interactive Access to Collaboration Tools

Now with Huddleup, all of the tools you'd use in your conference or meeting room space are at the touch of a finger. Simply tap to bring up a customizable menu of tools ideal for scalable collaboration in any space. Plus, your display will return to digital signage when not in use to ensure you're maximizing the use of each space's display.


Hypersign+ Digital Signage Integration

One of the best things about using Huddleup is how easy it is to manage. Simply drag the HuddleUp dropzone app onto the device of your choice, select which collaboration tools to activate, and customize the default digital signage layout just like you would any other HS+ digital signage display. Now, when your display is not in use for collaboration, you manage the messaging it shows!

Interactive Digital Whiteboarding

HuddleUp turns your displays into a fully interactive whiteboard. Using your finger or a stylus, brainstorming and taking meeting notes are easier than ever!

Video Conferencing

Simply touch to initiate your favorite video conferencing software, such as zoom. Contact us to find out which conferencing solutions we currently support. (Additional AV hardware required.)

Screen Mirroring

If you need to quickly push something on your screen up to the display to share with your team, that's no problem! In fact, this will support multiple devices at once using various types of casting. We currently support Apple Airplay and GoogleCast.

Live TV Streaming

We also support IPTV Decoding supporting HSL/H.264 standards. This is useful if you want to live stream an event in one space to an overflow space equipped with an encoder.

Integration with Roomfusion

If you already have HS+ Roomfusion for scheduling your meeting spaces, the display will automatically pull the meeting details and information as a notification onto the display when the next meeting is approaching.

Emergency Alert Compatible

Since Huddleup is an extension of Hypersign+ you will also have access to emergency alerts on those displays. Once triggered, your signage network transforms into an emergency alert system that can publish important messages to all of your displays, even interrupting your conference to display emergency information.