An intuitive, easy-to-use platform to showcase digital content, ranging from advertising to analytics. By utilizing our 100% cloud based solution, organizations now have the capability to effortlessly update and publish content from anywhere around the globe.


100% Cloud Based

Hypersign+ is 100% cloud based. All the content you create is stored and backed up on our cloud server. Meaning, you can access your content manager and update your display or network of displays in seconds with just the click of a button from any location you have internet access.


Easy Content Management

The simplicity in using Hypersign+ hinges on our easy-to-use content manager interface. Simply open your web browser to login to your own personal Hypersign+ portal to upload new media, manage layouts, schedule content and publish right to your device.

Drag and Drop Interface

Our intuitive drag and drop interface makes learning Hypersign+ quick and easy. Need to add more media? Drag it right from your desktop into the media upload portal. Ready to plan the look of the display? Select a layout template and drag your media right onto the display preview for a real-time look at your planned content.

Integrative Playlists

Have a jpeg, YouTube video or PowerPoint presentation you want combined together to present on your display? Create a custom playlist by combining multiple forms of media into one seamless loop. Just drag and drop your files into the playlist editor and your new playlist is ready to add to your display content layout.

PowerPoint Conversions

Not a graphic designer? Unfamiliar with creative tools, but you do know PowerPoint? No problem. Drop your .PPT or .PTTX file into the content manager to upload and Hypersign+ will automatically convert it for you. The best part? It doesn't just convert it to a set of images, it saves most transitions and animations too! Allowing anyone to create dynamic content with ease using a familiar tool.

Enterprise Media Sharing

Not only do you have access to media you drag and drop directly into Hypersign, but you also have access to media sharing across your entire enterprise. Have a set of assets you need all of your digital signage managers to use? Rather than emailing them, simply add them to DropBox and allow Hypersign to access that media folder. Now your assets will display right in the content manager to quickly drag and drop onto the display. Your marketing team can keep those assets up to date, saving time and confusion.


Hypersign+ Apps

+Apps are readily available in your content manager and give you access to tons of added features, such as: weather and clock widgets, YouTube videos, traffic reporting, RSS and twitter feeds, text tickers, live TV, and more! Our team is constantly updating our +Apps, and will even work with you to customize one for you.

Content Scheduling

Have a special visitor coming to your venue at 10am? Does the same message need to display every afternoon at close? Schedule your content in the content management system by setting the date, time and any recurrance preferences using an easy calendar interface. Now your display or displays will automatically switch from default content to scheduled content.

Energy Efficient

The Hypersign+ "Eclipse" feature allows you to schedule when the displays are not being viewed. With Eclipse, the display will automatically go off during the time you schedule, saving you up to 70% power consumption. The added benefit is that Hypersign+ Alerts override this feature, allowing your displays to activate without delay in the event of an emergency.

Supports a Variety of Operating Sytems

Hypersign supports a variety of operating systems, including: Windows, Android, and Brightsign. Already have a Windows PC behind an existing display? Not an issue. Download the Hypersign app from our support center, enter the device pairing code and you're ready to publish content. Yes, it's that simple!

Learn More About Players

Emergency Alerts

Hypersign is more than just digital signage; it's a safety tool. Once triggered, your signage network transforms into an emergency alert system that can publish important messages to all of your displays. Triggers could include your building's fire alarm system, a button you touch on a tablet or a weather alert stream. 

Manages Most Displays

If you have access to the internet on your device and an HDMI hookup on the display, you can run Hypersign! Hypersign runs on tablets, desktop computers, large displays, touch displays, video walls and more.


Cloud Cover Music Integration

We've partnered with Cloud Cover Music to add simple, licensed music and messaging solutions to your digital display. Their cloud-based system allows you to select music from over 125+ stations and manage custom mixes and promotional messaging across thousands of locations all from a single dashboard.




Hypersign supports multiple players which makes choosing the right one for your needs as easy as possible. 


  • Windows

  • Mac

  • Video Wall Controller

  • BrightSign