Analytics data is readily available in most business systems used by your team, and visualizing that data can motivate your teams and aid in making well-informed, strategic decisions. Insights is an extension that allows you to create and customize your own data visualization dashboards.



Data Visualization Dashboards

Displaying data for progress toward set goals can motivate increased productivity. Monitor and visual any data you want with a variety of different types of charts, whether it's social media, website traffic or monthly revenue. All of your data will update in real-time.

Multiple Supported Data Sources

Sources for data can range from csv sheets or custom APIs to using one of the existing widgets for a variety of well known softwares you already use like salesforce, facebook or google analytics. Contact us to find out which software widgets are available.

Data Mashups, History and Exports

Combine data from different sources to create new insights with data mashups. All of your past data is stored, so you won't lose it. In addition, you can export your data to PNG, JPEG, PDF or CSV formats.

Online Management

You can manage your data and charts completely online. Once you're happy with your data dashboard, simply publish it to your display using Hypersign+.

Hypersign+ Digital Signage Integration

You can easily add the Insights extension to your existing Hypersign+ digital signage to turn your display into a data visualization dashboard in seconds.

Full-Screen or Custom Layout

If you don't have enough displays to allow Insights full-screen, you can customize your layout to only include Insights in one portion. This allows you to visualize data while keeping your current messaging active!

Custom Branding

Go ahead and make your charts look any way you'd like. Choose colors and match your brand accordingly.

Emergency Alert Compatible

Since Insights is an extension of Hypersign+ you will also have access to emergency alerts on those displays. Once triggered, your signage network transforms into an emergency alert system that can publish important messages to all of your displays, including your business intelligence displays.