Room plaques are basic and permanent, but digital room signs are dynamic and easy to change. With the Roomfusion extension you can display exactly what's going on in a room at any given time or schedule use of that room right at the door. Roomfusion also integrates with existing door locking systems to only allow access to specified users upon proximity.



Calendar Syncing

Roomfusion syncs with your existing calendar system for managing your meetings or class schedules. So, whether you add a meeting to your calendar or schedule from the portal or at the door, your room sign will automatically display the proper information.

Room Scheduling Online or At the Door

Along with displaying the name of the meeting or class going on in a given room, users can check future room availability and schedule a meeting or breakout session in that room right at the door. Scheduling online can be done within the Roomfusion web portal.

Online Portal Management

Roomfusion is controlled in an online portal that allows you to manage all the rooms in your facility by setting the type of room, room name and number, and any resources available in that room. You can also manage permission levels if only certain users should be able to schedule specific room types.

Door Locking System Integration

If you have an electronic room locking system on your doors, Roomfusion can integrate with it to ensure a room is only accessible when scheduled. There is also an override feature that allows you to unlock a room for a duration of time if necessary.

Hypersign+ Digital Signage Integration

As with all extensions, Roomfusion integrates seamlessly with Hypersign+ digital signage. That means you'll manage your Roomfusion displays and your Hypersign+ displays in the same place for layouts and emergency alert.

Waystation Mobile Integration

If you already have the Waystation with mobile extension, you can also add room scheduling right to your Waystation app. Additionally, if you have a room locking/unlocking system on your doors, the Waystation app will be able to use user proximity to only allow specific users to enter the room.

Full-Screen or Custom Layout

Your Roomfusion displays don't have to be full-screen, you can customize your layout using Hypersign+ to only include Roomfusion in one portion. This allows you to not only show room availability information and scheduling, but also custom messaging right at the door!

Custom Branding

Our creative team can help you customize your Roomfusion display interfaces. We understand how important your brand is, and we specialize in finding the balance between visually stunning yet clear and informative.

Emergency Alert Compatible

Since Roomfusion is an extension of Hypersign+ you will also have access to emergency alerts on those displays. Once triggered, your signage network transforms into an emergency alert system that can publish important messages to all of your displays, including your room sign displays.