KidGopher App Now Available!

We are super excited to announce that the KidGopher App is available in the App Store and the Google Play store!

KidGopher is a digital signage software that helps keep kids safe.

Teachers and administrators agree that safety concerns are at their highest during afternoon pick-up. That is why Hypersign developed KidGopher, a secure child pickup system that validates the identity and authorization of each guardian using electronic authentication technology and photo identification. Parents and guardians use the app or a gopher card with a QR code associated with the student. A teacher or administrator greets the guardian and scans the QR code. The teacher checks off the names of the children to be picked up on their device. Then, students waiting to be picked up will see their name displayed on a screen, identifying that their guardian is there to pick them up. A teacher then verifies the student(s) via photo identification on a mobile device and the student is loaded into the correct vehicle. Once the student(s) has been loaded in the vehicle, that teacher checks off the name(s) and the child has been picked up safely!

*You must subscribe to KidGopher before you can purchase and use the app.

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