Hypersign Digital Signage FAQs

Now that we all know the top misconceptions of Digital Signage, what are the frequently asked questions about Hypersign's digital signage solution?

  • How many licenses are required?

In order to have unique content on each display, one license and one player is required per display. If the same content is to be displayed on multiple displays, only one license and one player is required. However, additional hardware would be required to connect the displays. For videowalls, only one player and one license is required to configure images across the entire display.​

  • How many users can I have?

Hypersign users can have an unlimited number of users within the account. Licenses are based per player and not per user.​

  • Can different users have access to different things?

Yes. Each user can have different access and abilities for various user levels within the software, depending on administrative needs.​

  • What equipment is needed?

There are only three components needed: a digital display with HDMI input, a media player, and a Hypersign Cloud license.​

  • Who are your partners?

Hypersign has partnered with Samsung, Google, and Dell, to provide an all inclusive digital signage package including: Samsung displays, and Google Chromebox players.​

  • How much does Hypersign cost?

Hypersign is very transparent with our pricing model. (Hardware pricing will vary depending on your display). Hypersign Cloud, which is perfect for most organizations, is $349 per player, per year. Hypersign Enterprise, which is for highly secure and healthcare environments, is $499 per player, per year. We do offer discounts for bulk licenses and multi-year purchases. For more information, visit our pricing page.