Layout Preview Button & Traffic App Update

Have you ever wanted to see exactly what your display will look like before you publish it? We figured you might. So we're releasing a new feature called the "Preview Button" that allows you to see in a new browser window exactly what your display will look like before you publish. That means, you won't just see a box for where your Weather app will go, but you'll be able to see a preview of the weather live! The new button will be located to the right of the Publish Button in your layout manager.

Traffic App Update

Speaking of dropzone apps, we've also improved the Traffic app. The Traffic app will now use city/state, and also support non-US cities, instead of using a zip code like you've done previously. Don't worry, if you're currently using the Traffic app on your displays we'll translate your zip code to city/state for you during the update. We just ask that you check your screens Monday morning to ensure the transition was a success. If the Traffic app isn't displaying correctly we recommend restarting your device to clear the cache. If that's still unsuccessful at fixing the issue, we recommend that you drag in the Traffic app again, set the city and state, and then re-publish your layout content. Version 3.5.41 release will be deployed Sunday, 9.30.18 @ 11:59pm.