Support Update: RSS App Issue & Other Fixes

We originally announced on January 9th that the HyperRSS dropzone application utilizes Yahoo's RSS service, which Yahoo unexpectedly retired on January 7 without notice. Since then, our team has worked diligently to develop a fix for the HyperRSS dropzone app.

This release will include the following:

  • HyperRSS dropzone app now active again.*

  • Found (after the last release) and fixed an issue where the Stack order would sometimes still get reversed when saving a Stack.

This release will be deployed tonight 1.16.19 at 11:59pm.

*Of course we're not able to test every single RSS feed, so we ask that if you find an issue with a feed, please reach out to us immediately with a link to that feed so we can investigate further: Submit via the Support Form Email us at

Thank you for your patience as we continue to work to provide you an excellent customer experience!