Cloud Cover Music Partnership & Feature Release

We are excited to announce a partnership with Cloud Cover Music! Cloud Cover offers simple, licensed music and messaging solutions, curated to enhance engagement. With this integration, you can now play Cloud Cover Music streams directly through your digital signage. The Cloud Cover dashboard allows you to select music from over 125 curated playlists and manage custom mixes and promotional messaging across thousands of locations all from a single dashboard. Never worry about music licensing again with simple pay-per-stream pricing. Learn more about Cloud Cover and start your free trial today at

This new feature will be released Sunday, 3.10.19 at 11:59pm ET.

Instructions for using the Cloud Cover Music dropzone app:

Step 1: Navigate to the Accounts Manager and click the Integrations tab

Step 2: Paste in your Cloud Cover API into the field for "Cloud Cover api key"

Step 3: All of your Hypersign Devices will be listed, click "Register" next to any device you want to register with Cloud Cover

Step 4: Navigate to the Layouts Manager and select the device you want to use Cloud Cover on

Step 5: Drag and drop the Cloud Cover dropzone app into the background of your device layout, then click "Publish: to play music on your signage. You will see a Cloud Cover Background App icon at the top right of the layout manager work area. Click the "x" to remove the app at any time.

Note: If you drop the app into a dropzone instead of the background, it will just show a blank blue screen in that dropzone. We recommend ONLY using it as a background dropzone app.

All Cloud Cover Music management is performed at:

Tutorial Video Coming Soon!