June Hypersign+ Version Update

Our engineering team has been hard at work updating Hypersign this past month, and we have plenty to share with you!

New Feature!

A new user transfer feature for muti-site organizations gives the muti-site administrator the ability to transfer users between accounts within an organization.

Other Updates/Improvements

Some other software updates include two new templates, and a more specific error message on the devices page when a device is incorrectly setup. This month we are also releasing performance improvements to Hypersign that include improved Device and Account Page load times.

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected the issue where Manage Tags was showing on Stacks page.

  • Corrected where the email validation on Accounts page would sometimes erroneously state that validation failed.

  • Corrected where drag/drop was sometimes not working correctly after a search.

This release will be deployed Sunday, 6.2.19 @11:59pm.