Hypersign Pricing and August Update

Attention all Hypersign Customers! We are updating our pricing by moving to a tiered model with three tiers: Essentials, Pro, and Enterprise. Check out our website for more details on what is included in each tier. Currently, the majority of our customers fall into the Pro tier. If you would like to adjust tiers, contact our team today!

Aside from this change to our license plans, in July we've been working on some other updates to Hypersign+: Updates

  • Account Tiers: Please note that each tier now has a storage limit. We will not be enforcing storage limits until next month, but please be aware that if your account is over the storage limit for your tier, you will be contacted in August to upgrade tiers or delete assets.

  • Account Manager: Shows active/expired licenses on license tab.

  • User Permissions UX Improvement: When user doesn't have permission to add/remove devices from group, the [+] and [-] buttons will still show, but be disabled.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected inaccuracy of license count on dashboard.

Note: As a reminder, storage limits won't be enforced until roughly a month out. To assist, a multi-delete feature will be introduced beforehand.

This change will go into effect on Sunday, 7.28.19 @11:59pm.