Hypersign+ Updates Coming in September!

After a busy summer the Hypersign Team have some new features ready for you in our monthly update.

NEW FEATURES Dropbox Playlist Dropzone App -Render all items from a single dropbox folder as a playlist, including images and videos!

Asset Sorting -Sort your asset library alphabetically, by file size and upload date.

Multi-Asset Deletion -Select multiple assets to delete them all at one time.

We’ve updated the Asset Manager tutorial video to help you use the Asset Sorting and Multi-Asset Deletion features. Head to the support center, and watch the Asset Manager video in Hypersign+ Training Bootcamp I to learn how (the new feature is described at the 1:27 - 2:45 timestamp). A video for the Dropbox Playlist Dropzone App will be releasing next week as well, so keep an eye out for that video in the Hypersign+ Training Bootcamp II to learn more. IMPORTANT REMINDER Now that Hypersign has shifted to a tiered pricing model, we will be enforcing storage limits at the end of this month. We waited to allow users time to have access to the sort and multi-asset delete features to make reducing their current asset storage easier. If you are over your storage limits, you will receive a courtesy email from our team letting you know this month. Once enforcement of storage limits begins, you will no longer be able to upload new assets until you delete old or unused assets to clear storage space. This release will be deployed on Sunday, 09.01.19 @11:59pm.