NEW FEATURE: Smart Playlist Dropzone App

New Feature: Smart Playlist Dropzone App The new Smart Playlist dropzone app takes advantages of the existing tagging feature to play all images, videos, powerpoints that have a selected tag. Add as many tags as you like to playlist and it will loop through all assets that match those tags. For a refresher for how to use Asset Tagging, watch the Asset Manager video (00:22 - 01:20) in the Support Center. To utilize the Smart Playlist, drop the Smart Playlist dropzone app into the zone you want to use it in. Select which tags you want the playlist to be made up of, choose the default duration for any images (all images will display for that number of seconds), videos and powerpoints will run for their individual durations. Save and then publish. The playlist is automatically refreshed every hour as you tag assets with playlist tags. Updates:

  • 4K Local Asset dropzone app now utilizes the Favorite URLs feature so you can save your local asset drive link as a Favorite URL in the Account Manager. (Note: Only applicable to those with a 4K add-on license.)

  • Added a 50/50 Vertical Split Template.

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue that caused eclipse schedule to be duplicated was resolved.

This release will be deployed on Sunday, 10.20.19 @11:59pm.