Welcome Texas DIR Members

Hypersign has been awarded a contract by the Department of Information Resources (DIR) for the state of Texas.  Under this contract members can take advantage of pre-negotiated, discounted pricing.
Hypersign is a pioneering software company that understands the need to easily showcase captivating digital communications. Our digital communication software breaks the outdated mold of how we connect, navigate and interact in real-time.  Learn how Hypersign+ syncs with your vision, and embrace the hype!
Contract # DIR-TSO-3455
For more information on the DIR program please click here.
For more information about the Hypersign contract with the DIR program please click here.

Product Descriptions:

Hypersign+ is a 100% cloud based digital signage software that is used to easily manage content on displays. Key features include a drag and drop interface, dropzone apps for quickly adding weather, time, youtube, etc., and automatic alert messaging in the event of an emergency.

Waystation is an interactive wayfinding solution that gives you access to kiosk directories and mobile turn-by-turn navigation for multi-floor buildings. You're able to place your own points of interest, update personnel, and edit paths in the online portal.

*Indicates a 3 year license. 3 year licenses are paid upfront and are reoccurring licesnes paid every 3 years.
*Indicates a 3 year license. 3 year licenses are paid upfront and are reoccurring licenses paid every 3 years.
NOTE: For the purpose of this Evaluation, theses prices DO NOT include the Administrative Fee..
*Indicates a 3 year license. 3 year licenses are paid upfront and are reoccurring licenses paid every 3 years.

How to Order:
Generate a purchase order, made payable to Hypersign.

You must reference the DIR Contract # DIR-TSO-3455 on your purchase order.


Contact Corrie Brannan with your purchase making sure to reference the Texas DIR Contract

Phone: 864.735.0710


Hypersign software licenses are covered under a full warranty for the life of the license, either one year or three years, depending on the customer's purchase. This includes full support, maintenance, and updates. 


Hypersign labor is guaranteed to fulfill the requirements of the customer, as detailed within the scope of the order at the original purchase. If any issues or concerns arise that fall within scope, Hypersign will make every effort to reconcile and resolve all issues.

Hypersign does not provide a warranty for any hardware purchased. Please see below for the manufacturer warranty for the Google Commercial Chromebox.


Hypersign does not offer a return policy for software, labor, or hardware. 

Commodity Codes
208-00 : Computer Software for Microcomputers, Systems, Including Cloud-Based (PRE-PROGRAMMED)
208-21 : Business Intelligence Software
208-80 : Software, Microcomputer (Not Otherwise Classified)