Gone are the days when people relied on paper maps to navigate and find where they are going. Today, GPS navigation comes standard on almost every mobile device and people have become accustomed to touching and clicking to find their way around. Waystation is an extension that gives you access to kiosk directories and mobile turn-by-turn navigation.



Interactive Floor Plans & Directories

Allowing your visitors to explore maps and find places themselves saves time for your staff, and provides an engaging experience for users. By touching floors and rooms they can find the best way to get where they are trying to go.


Mobile App & Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Waystation doesn't just offer touch kiosk capability, but brings navigation right to the hands of your users with a custom Waystation Go app. Using their own devices, users can download the app we customize for you. Beacons placed throughout your facility will give accurate location information for mobile turn-by-turn navigation inside multi-floor buildings to any points of interest.

Online Portal Management

We understand that staff and room changes can arise frequently depending on your market, so you need flexible, easy to update directories and points of interest. Waystation is managed in an online portal that allows you to update everything online and automatically push updates to the mobile app and any kiosks simultaneously.

QR Code Reader for Touch Kiosk

Maybe your users don't want to download the mobile app, but would still love to take the map on the go with them. Waystation Touch kiosk can include a QR code that allows users to use their mobile device to scan, and open the floor plan overlaid with navigation path to a single point of interest right in the web browser of their device.

ADA Compliant

Keeping your digital displays ADA compliant is important, especially when they are interactive. Our Waystation extension keeps navigation simple and ADA friendly, allowing visitors to select ADA routes and find ADA restrooms.

Hypersign+ Digital Signage Integration

As long as your display is touch capable, you can easily add the Waystation extension to your existing Hypersign+ digital signage. Your display isn't touch? No problem, we can help you navigate options to change that or you can still display static directories that you update easily online.

Full-Screen or Custom Layout

If you don't have enough displays to allow Waystation full-screen, you can customize your layout to only include Waystation in one portion. This allows you to direct your users while keeping your current messaging active!

Custom Branding

Our creative team can help you customize your floor plans and Waystation interface. We understand how important your brand is, and we specialize in finding the balance between visually stunning yet clear and informative. Let us take your vector maps from basic to brilliant.

Emergency Alert Compatible

Since Waystation is an extension of Hypersign+ you will also have access to emergency alerts on those displays. Once triggered, your signage network transforms into an emergency alert system that can publish important messages to all of your displays, including your interactive wayfinding.