What is Hypersign?

Digital Signage, Solved


With Hypersign+, you finally have one digital signage software and communication platform to create, manage, and share your content in the best light, as simply and quickly as possible. What’s the + for? All of the incredible product extensions you can add on to further enhance your user’s experience, from wayfinding signage to interactive kiosks and so much more. 

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Why Hypersign?

01 Customer-Focused


We’re committed to knowing you and understanding your vision first, long before we compile a product package or create a solution from scratch. How can we help you reach your visual communication goals?

This drives and inspires us.

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02 Turnkey and

Custom Solutions

We studied the problems faced by our clients before we designed solutions. Hypersign+ is

our all-in-one answer to your needs: software, hardware, creative, support, and maintenance. And if for any reason your business needs a more customized solution, we can build that too.

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03 Experts with Integrity

We’re as equally proud of our people as we are our product. Our team is made up of creative, incredibly smart, and innovative thinkers who also happen to be humble, honest, and compassionate partners.

Our Signature Product

Where all of your visual communication solutions begin. Hypersign+ is our easy-to use, cloud-based digital signage platform that allows you to create, publish, and monitor your digital content from anywhere.


Digital signage and software, check. But what about content? Our creative team can solve that. We’ll create and customize beautiful, engaging content from interactive info walls to branded floor maps and motion graphics. Check out our creative packages and see what works best for you.

Our Services 

Our Newest Innovation

The Arena: Broadcast Television 

Meets Web Conferencing

Your organization hasn’t experienced web conferencing like this before. Our latest innovation, The Arena, combines the best of broadcast television with the interactivity of web conferencing.

See how you can take your company’s communication impact

to the next level.


Our Premium Solution

The Arena is our innovative broadcast solution created by combining the best of broadcast television with the interactivity of web conferencing. Utilizing high end camera localization, integrated professional audio, and external standards-based streaming, The Arena opens up new and exciting opportunities for your organization to communicate your product or topic. 

Our Affordable Solution

The Arena Mini

The Arena Mini allows up to 36 remote attendees at a budget friendly price. Larger solutions require permanent installations which are also costly, while The Arena Mini is portable using an ADA cart that houses all the technology needed.


Emotional Disconnect

Current solutions pose a problem when a child becomes "another square" amidst his or her classmates. In return he or she may begin to feel isolated which results in disengagement and regression in learning. The Arena Mini brings that connection back and gives the teacher and the student a more natural, one on one interaction.


Limitations Of Current Technology

Meeting collaboration solutions like Zoom or MS Teams can cause easy distractions for students who are more concerned or focused on their peers' video and not on the instructor. The Arena Mini solves that problem-everyone's focus is 100% on the teacher and the content presented.

Satisfied Hypersign Customers & Partners